Rad Davis Brother And Sister Zulus

So I went to Rad Davis and asked him to make me two Zulu shapes. One blasted, one not, both rather small of bowl since I only get time enough to smoke a few minutes here and there it seems. These are what he came up with. DSC_4028DSC_4029

Look at the blast on that pipe. Just look.

And here they are together:


Rad Davis Bamboo Pipe

So I’ve been pestering Rad Davis to make a pipe using bamboo for...well for a while. He finally gave in, I’m not sure if it’s because he really wants to start using bamboo, or just to shut me up. Anyway, here’s one of my first examples of pictures of pipes. It’s not nearly as easy as SmokingPipes.com or even Neill over at APassionForPipes make it look. And yes, I could’ve resized the damn photo. I didn’t want to. Hey--it’s my pipe, my blog and my picture, it can take up the whole freakin’ page if it wants!

I do promise to do better in the future though.



Finally, Some Good News

I just found out (well, just as in “yesterday”) that I’ve had two poems accepted by a literary journal. It’s called The Aurorean, and it’s based in Maine. I believe the issue with my work comes out in April. Finally--some validation.

Devil's Rejects

So you may notice the new ad on the side “what’s on ebay right now” or whatever it says. And it shows some stuff for the movie The Devil’s Rejects.


I can’t believe there’s that much stuff related to that movie!

Yes, I love the movie. Yes, it’s sick, who cares, it’s mostly just really well made and acted. By this I don’t mean it’s an Oscar classic, just that in a sea of the same old same old recycled scripts and acting, it stands out because it’s so different.

And I love the movie. You should watch it. You should watch it at least twice, once a couple of weeks after the first time, because the first time is probably going to take your mind out of your head and you’ll be all “ewwwww”....but after you watch it a couple of times you start to appreciate the humor and humanity. Unless you’re a sick bastard like me, then you laugh yourself silly the first time around.