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Rad Davis Bamboo Pipe

So I’ve been pestering Rad Davis to make a pipe using bamboo for...well for a while. He finally gave in, I’m not sure if it’s because he really wants to start using bamboo, or just to shut me up. Anyway, here’s one of my first examples of pictures of pipes. It’s not nearly as easy as or even Neill over at APassionForPipes make it look. And yes, I could’ve resized the damn photo. I didn’t want to. Hey--it’s my pipe, my blog and my picture, it can take up the whole freakin’ page if it wants!

I do promise to do better in the future though.



DIED. And Who Cares?


By the way, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about. Here’s someone who’s name isn’t even visible on his marker anymore. And the marker has certainly seen better days. And there’s a flag, crumpled on the ground like a used hankie...and I’m not even sure it’s his, since he died at age 66 in 1864...a little old to have been in the Civil War, and young to have been in the War of 1812.
Once we’re dead, who really gives a shit about us?

Tired. And irritable. Bad combination.

I'm trying to get a decent print of this:


but it's kicking my ass. Too dark. I got one good copy of it, but for some bizarre reason I can't duplicate it. I'll fix it though. I'll calibrate the crap out of my monitor, then I'll get a printer that I can actually download a photoshop profile for. Merry Christmas to me.

God I'm tired though. Didn't really sleep well last night. Way too much on my mind, and the little dog (who shall here remain nameless...but you've seen her face before around here) was very restless last night. Every hour or so she had to get up to to check on me--I guess that's what she was doing. Who can tell with a Maisey after all.
And it is almost 11:30, and I'm sitting here, working on this, when I should be trying to get some extra rest.

In all seriousness though: for every new thing I learn, there are at least 72 other things I have to learn. I'm not certain there will ever be any sort of stasis period.

Which really really really makes me wonder about all the self proclaimed experts in the world. I've never really cared for self proclaimed experts anyway, just on general principles. But the more I learn, the more doubts I have. And cynicism. You know how ugly cynicism can be in a person like me?