Tired. And irritable. Bad combination.

I'm trying to get a decent print of this:


but it's kicking my ass. Too dark. I got one good copy of it, but for some bizarre reason I can't duplicate it. I'll fix it though. I'll calibrate the crap out of my monitor, then I'll get a printer that I can actually download a photoshop profile for. Merry Christmas to me.

God I'm tired though. Didn't really sleep well last night. Way too much on my mind, and the little dog (who shall here remain nameless...but you've seen her face before around here) was very restless last night. Every hour or so she had to get up to to check on me--I guess that's what she was doing. Who can tell with a Maisey after all.
And now...here it is almost 11:30, and I'm sitting here, working on this, when I should be trying to get some extra rest.

In all seriousness though: for every new thing I learn, there are at least 72 other things I have to learn. I'm not certain there will ever be any sort of stasis period.

Which really really really makes me wonder about all the self proclaimed experts in the world. I've never really cared for self proclaimed experts anyway, just on general principles. But the more I learn, the more doubts I have. And cynicism. You know how ugly cynicism can be in a person like me?


One Of My Favorite Singers

Slaid Cleaves is a great singer. He's a great songwriter. He's from Maine. He lives in Texas. Do yourselves a favor and check out his music. He's got a bunch of stuff up at iTunes, you can at least listen to the previews even if you don't want to buy the whole song. But I think you should buy the whole song. Buy whole albums. If you like gritty, folk/country/blues/rock, this guy is the real deal. Here are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, called 'Sinners Prayer', which can be found on the album "Wishbones".

I'm not living like I should
I want to be a better man
A sinner's prayer upon my lips
A broken promise in my hand
I know that there will come a day
A heavy price I'll have to pay
I keep pretending to be good
But I'm not living like I should

I'm not living like I should
I've let the mystery slip away
The night goes by in dreamless sleep
I'm chasing foolish things all day
I walk this town just like a ghost
I don't know what I miss the most
I'd believe in something if I could
I'm not living like I should

When people see me on the street
They think they see an honest man
They don't know what lies beneath
But some of them would understand
They know the soul and what it hides
You sometimes see it in their eyes
A guilty man where a child once stood
I'm not living like I should

I'm not living like I should
The wolves howl, the robin sings
The world keeps spinning round and round
I wait for mercy's angel wings
Another day another year
Death keeps whispering in my ear
I say a prayer I knock on wood
I'm not living like I should

I'm not living like I should
I want to be a better man
A sinner's prayer upon my lips
A broken promise in my hands
A squandered gift, a wasted day
Time chases life away
I just wanted to be good
But I'm not living like I should.


I was thinking about him today because it's kind of a gloomy day. I'm getting over a cold, it's grey and cloudy outside, and his music just sort of fits the mood. Like Hank Williams though, I find his music is highly adaptable--if you listen to Slaid when you're in a good mood, you don't wind up wanting to kill yourself--at least I don't--rather, there's some sort of feeling of beauty, triumph of the human spirit, that sort of thing.

But if you want to be depressed and gloomy...his voice and his lyrics will slide in that matchbox with you just fine.


Site Gone Live

Just wanted to say...it's Monday, December 10th, and the site has gone live. It's spreading across the world.


Hysterical Laughter

Well, the Patriots beat the Squeelers. Like a toy drum. So much for the vaunted number one defense in the country. It's interesting that the Patriot game plan was very similar to one they used last season against the Vikings. Who was the Defensive Coordinator of the Vikings? Yup, Mike Tomlin, Squeeler coach.
There's really not much else to say about it. Well, I'm sure there are more things, but I'm battling a cold virus...so I'll have to take a rain check on it.

Bring on the New York Jests.

Predictions on the final score?

Can a football team score 100 points? Is it possible? I bet we find out.


By The Way

Hey--I feel it necessary to mention that my favorite sports team ever--ladies and gentlemen, the next Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots! are currently undefeated. Normally I wouldn't draw attention to something like this--but first of all, I don't care if they lose a game this season, as long as they win the Super Bowl (unless they lose to the Pittsburgh Squeelers, the New Yakk Jests or the Miami Dollfins, of course). Seriously though--I can't wait for the Jet game. Anyone want to bet on the final score? I think the over/under should be three digits. And after they crush the Jets, I want a player--any player--to break both of Eric Mangina's legs. Heck, I don't even care if it's one of his own players, finally fed up with the futility of playing for him.

Hell...a cheerleader could do it, that'd be all right too.


First Entry

Well, here's the first blog entry. I don't even have the site loaded on the server yet, and I'm busy trying to get the thing put together. It's a lot of fun. Okay, so I'm lying. It's challenging, but I think it's looking alright, at least considering what I have to work with and so forth.

Meantime, have a look at this picture I took at night during the summer. Yes, I know I'm putting it in the gallery, and I know I'm posting it here. I realize it's redundant. So what? When you get your own site, you can decide what you put where.

DSC_0415largerNotice the flag is blurred. There was a slight breeze, but only on that side of the building.
Weird, huh?

Or maybe it was ghosts? Nah--that would be too weird.