My name is Tony Costine. I live in Contoocook, New Hampshire. I turn bowls on lathe (Nova DVR at present). I have many other interests, from photography to politics. Sometimes I talk about them, sometimes not.

As egotistical as it may sound, that's the point of this personal web site, to share some of my world and interests with you. I intend to have articles I hope some may find useful, and I'll have galleries to show off my work.

As I say in the sidebar--this site is very much a work in progress. At this point in my life, the choice was to continue to wait until I could make it perfect, or just give in, bite the bullet and post what I have, reserving the right to edit and add in the future. Perfection is a moving target, and I rarely hit it anyway. And I've been known to never do something simply because I was afraid I couldn't do it perfectly. Of course, when you are your own web designer, graphic artist, programmer and editor, it's even more difficult. In some ways, I almost wonder if it's akin to a lawyer representing himself having a fool for a client?

Random cute picture. This is Maisey Mae. She's my Boston Terrier. When I say "my Boston Terrier", of course I mean "she lives with me and allows me to spoil her rotten". Maisey's pretty much in charge--or at least she believes she is, which really amounts to the same thing. She particularly enjoys the parts of woodturning that involve driving around to find wood to salvage (more on that later), and the part of photography that involves long walks looking for interesting things to shoot. She used to try to pay close attention to whatever I stopped to look at, but she soon learned that was boring. Now she entertains herself while I'm occupied on shutterbuggery (I'm not sure that's a good word for polite company--but you never know these days).

I'm going to add some advertising links here in the (probably vain) hope of making the site at least somewhat self-supporting. I know they're a pain, and I'll try to fit them in as unobtrusively as possible. Please the link that donates food to animals in shelters. All the animals I know were either rescues or strays, so that is kind of a big deal for me. Thanks again.

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